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Home&you - terms and conditions of use

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Order processing in the home&you online shop

An order submitted to the home&you online shop is processed if the following required data is provided while the order is placed:

  1. First name and surname,
  2. Company name (if required),
  3. NIP number (if required),
  4. Shipping address and/or invoice address,
  5. Email address,
  6. Phone number.

They are necessary for a correct and complete shopping process and they help provide quick and excellent customer service. If any of the required information is missing, the order will not be processed.

The home&you online shop reserves the right to send emails to the users confirming subsequent order stages and - in some cases - to contact them about the matters related to the order that is being processed.

Where can I find more information about personal data processing?

We encourage you to read information published on our websites:

- Privacy Policy -

- Cookie Policy -

- Information for Newsletter subscribers -

- Complaints


How to contact us about personal data processing

In matters related to personal data and their processing, you can contact us via:

- contact form at

- email at

- phone: 576 071 241.