Privacy Policy


Depending on the group of products, services or functionality that the user wants to use, BBK SA requires different types of data that, in general, depending on the context, include the following information:

  • data that enable the identification of the user (e.g. first name, surname, contact information etc.);
  • financial and transactional information (e.g. data referring to a payment or card, information on purchases, orders, returns etc.);
  • data on the connection, geolocation and use of websites (for instance, if the user visits our online shop using their mobile phone);
  • commercial information (e.g. if the user subscribes to our Newsletter),
  • data on the user’s habits and preferences.

Please note that if we request personal data from the user, in order to give them access to any one of our functions or services in the shop, some fields are marked as required because these data are necessary to provide the service or give the user the access to a particular function. Please also remember that if the user decides not to make these data available to us, they might not be able to register as users or use these services or functions. 

Depending on the way in which the user uses our services, we process their data for the following purposes:


If someone wants to register as a user of our online shop, we need to process their data in order to identify them as users and to give them access to particular functions, products and services that are available for the registered users. A registered user can cancel their account any time, by contacting our Customer Service.

It is also possible to use the access or social media login, such as Facebook, to register as a new user or merge login information with the existing account. In such a case, if the user agrees, the login information and their email address are imported from their social media account. If the user chooses this login option, the social media website is able to send us some additional information available on the user’s public profile, such as their name, gender, estimated age or profile picture, according to the social media website’s terms of use that we recommend reviewing. If the user does not authorise us to do that, we will not be able to store additional data. Moreover, the use of this function may require the user to send specific information to the social media website referring to their activity on the web. In any case, we recommend the users to check privacy settings and privacy policy of their social media portals to learn more about the ways these websites process their users’ personal data.


For this purpose, the data is processed mainly in order to:

  • Contact the user to inform them about updates or provide them with information related to the ordered functions, products or services, inlcuding surveys on the quality of the products or services.
  • Manage payments for purchased products, regardless of the selected payment method. Example:
  • If during a purchase of any one of our products on the website or in the application the user selects the function that allows saving their card information for the purposes of future purchases, we need to process the indicated data in order to run and fulfil the said function. The consent for running this function allows for an automatic completion of the payment data during next purchase, so that the user does not have to enter them again for each new process and they are considered as important information that apply to the purposes of next purchase. The user can change or remove cards at any time, in the payment information tab in a registered user’s account on the website or by using the Wallet function in the HOME & YOU mobile app (while the function is started).
  • If the user uses the Wallet function available in the mobile app, for personal purchases, we need to process their data in order to start this function, so that the user can make payments while making the purchases in the HOME & YOU brick-and-mortar shops in Poland that are adapted to this purpose (hereinafter referred to the “Brick-and-mortar Shops”) - at the moment the function is started.
  • Introduce necessary mechanisms to prevent potential misuse regarding the user and us during the purchase process. If we determine that a transaction is illegal, data processing may result in its cancellation.
  • Manage potential returns after the purchase is made, to control the enquiries concerning product availability and reservations in the Shop, depending on the availability of these services at a given time.


We only process the personal data which are absolutely necessary and within adequate scope to manage or process applications and requests.


For this purpose, the data is processed mainly in order to:

To the extent the user subscribes to our Newsletter, we process their personal data for the purposes of managing the subscription, including sending information customised to the user’s individual needs concerning our products or services, by different means (such as email or SMS, of the user accepts it). Moreover, we can deliver this information to the users through the application of push notifications, if the users accept them and allow them in their phones.

It is important to note that this type of data processing involves an analysis of the user’s or client’s profile in order to determine their preferences and, consequently, the products and services that best respond their style to send them appropriate information. For example, based on the user’s purchase history and preferences with regard to website browsing (i.e. depending on the product range they select), we suggest products that we think may be interesting for them, and if they are registered, we also enable them to use the “recover cart” function.

Please remember that the user can cancel their Newsletter subscription at any time, free of charge, in the Newsletter tab available in the Shop or by following the instructions provided in every message that we send to the users. If the user does not want to receive push notifications, they can disable this option in their mobile phone.

Carry out marketing activities (for example, for the purposes of running contests and sending the list of products saved by the user to the email address indicated by them).  Through participation in any promotional campaign, the user authorises us to process the data made available by them, depending on the promotional campaign.


If you use our online shop, please note that we process the user’s data on website browsing, for analytical and statistical purposes, i.e. to understand how the users operate in our online shop and to help improve it.

Moreover, sometimes we carry out activities and surveys on quality that aim at learning the level of satisfaction of the customers and users and identifying the areas of improvement.




  • User’s Consent


We process the user’s data until they maintain the status of a registered user (until they decide to cancel their registration).



  • Legitimate interest of the controller


We process the user’s data for a period necessary to manage the purchase of the products or services they select, including possible returns or complaints concerning a particular product or service.

In some cases, we process the user’s data only for the period they specify, for example in the case of payment (card) information which contains the client’s data and transaction details.



  • Performance of a sales agreement
  • Legitimate interest of the controller


We process the user’s data for the period necessary to process their application or request.



  • Legitimate interest of the controller
  • Defence of legal claims


We process the user’s data until they revoke the consent for receiving marketing communications via a particular tool (e.g. SMS, email, push notifications).

If the user participates in any promotional campaign, we will store their data for 7 years of the campaign’s end date.



  • Legitimate interest of the controller


We process the user’s data only for the duration of a particular activity or quality survey or until anonymisation of the data concerning the user’s preferences regarding website browsing.

Moreover, we process the user’s data for the period which is absolutely necessary for the fulfilment of an appropriate purpose and then we store the properly saved and protected data for the period during which liabilities can arise from the processing, pursuant to the regulations applicable at any time. After possible activities prescribe, depending on the situation, we will remove the user’s personal data.


To achieve the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy, we need to make the user’s personal data available to entities and third parties that support us in providing the services, i.e.:

  • financial institutions,
  • institutions that detect and prevent misuse,
  • suppliers of technological solutions,
  • suppliers of and partners in logistics, transportation and delivery services,
  • suppliers of services related to customer service.
  • suppliers of and partners in services related to marketing and advertisement.


We undertake to respect confidentiality of the user’s personal data and to guarantee the possibility of exercising their rights. As the CONTROLLER, we hereby inform that the user can exercise their rights, without bearing any costs, by sending an email to the following email address IOD@BBK.COM.PL and by simply indicating the reason for their request and the right they want to use. If we deem it necessary for the purposes of the user’s identification, we can request the user to provide a copy of a document confirming their identity.

Regardless of the purpose or legal basis that we apply for the processing of the user’s personal data, they have the right to:

  • Request access to their data that we store. Please note that the users registered in the Shop also have access do this information in the tab that refers to their personal data.
  • Request us to rectify the data that we already have. Please remember that the users registered in the Shop can also go to the tab referring to their personal data in their user account to change or update their personal data. You should always keep in mind that by actively making the personal data available to us, by any means, the user declares that the data is true and accurate and that they are obliged to notify us of any changes to the data. Any loss or damage incurred by the shop, the entity responsible for the shop or any third person, as a result of incorrect, untrue or incomplete information provided in registration forms, is the sole responsibility of the user. Please remember that, in general, the user must provide us only with their personal data and not third parties’ data, except for the scope allowed in the Privacy Policy.
  • Request us to erase their data, to the extent they are no longer required for the purposes of processing, as we mentioned in the previous chapters, or if we no longer have the legal basis for processing.
  • Request us to restrict processing of their data which, in some cases, means that the user can request us to temporarily suspend data processing or to store them longer than necessary, until they need the data again.

If the user gave us consent to process their data for any purpose, they also have the right to revoke the consent at any time. Some ways of revoking the consent are specified in 2 where we also list the purposes of data processing.

If the legal basis for data processing is the user’s consent or performance of an agreement, based on the explanations provided in 3, the user also has the right to request transfer of their personal data. This means that the user has the right to receive the personal data made available to us in a structured format, of general use, that can be read using a particular device, to transfer it directly to another entity, provided that it is technically possible.

Moreover, if data processing is based on our legitimate interest, the user also has the right to object to the processing of their data.

We would also like to inform the users about their right to file a complaint with supervisory authorities, regarding the protection of personal data, specifically with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.


We offer functions and services that require us to process personal data of third parties made available to us by the users, as in the case of activation. When the user of the third parties’ personal data makes the data available to us, it means that they informed them about the purposes of processing and the way they are processed. To get access to all functions, a third party must confirm the data and consents in person.


The information contained in the Privacy Policy may change, based on our legitimate interest. If we introduce any changes, we will inform the users about them through different channels, using our shop (for example, by showing a banner, a pop-up window or a push notification), or by sending an email to the users, if the changes significantly affect their privacy, in order to give them the ability to familiarise themselves with the changes, review them and, if they wish, object to them or cancel a given service or function. In any case, we recommend the users to read the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy regularly, should minor changes or any interactive improvement be introduced because it constitutes a permanent source of information available on our website and in the mobile application.


We use cookies and other similar mechanisms to make the use of the shop’s functions easier for the users, learn more about the way they communicate with us and, in some cases, to screen ads adapted do their needs and their Internet usage habits. Please read our Cookie Policy to learn more about cookies and similar mechanisms that we use, their purposes and other important information.


The above Privacy Policy was created to ensure and guarantee safety during the use of the home&you online shop managed at by BBK S.A. with its registered office in Kowale, ul. Magnacka 15A. By making a decision about browsing through the website, using its functions and benefiting from its operation, the users accept the Privacy Policy. If any of the Privacy Policy provisions is inconsistent with the user’s will, they should stop visiting the website and using the shop.

The Privacy Policy, which is valid while the shop is being used, applies to all home&you shop users.

The home&you online shop reserves the right to introduce changes to the provisions of the Privacy Policy without informing the users in advance. It never affects the most important rule: we do not sell or share the user’s personal data or contact information with third parties. We are only obliged to do it upon request of a court, prosecutor, the police or other law enforcement authority.


An order submitted to the home&you online shop is processed if the following required data is provided while the order is placed:

  1. First name and surname,
  2. Company name (if required),
  3. NIP number (if required),
  4. Shipping address and/or invoice address,
  5. Email address,
  6. Phone number.

They are necessary for a correct and complete shopping process and they help provide quick and excellent customer service. If any of the required information is missing, the order will not be processed.

The home&you online shop reserves the right to send emails to the users confirming subsequent order stages and - in some cases - to contact them about the matters related to the order that is being processed.

Where can I find more information about personal data processing?

We encourage you to read information published on our websites:

- Privacy Policy -

- Cookie Policy -

- Information for Newsletter subscribers -

- Complaints


How to contact us about personal data processing

In matters related to personal data and their processing, you can contact us via:

- contact form at

- email at

- phone: 576 071 241.